Saturday, January 13, 2007

Affiliate Programs 101

Since in my business I offer affiliate programs, I'm often asked questions by affiliates (or those who wonder if they should become one) lots of questions about them. I do post helpful articles in my affiliate newsletters, but I thought I'd also post a series of articles here ~ a more permanent record, if you will.

So, today, we begin with Affiliate Programs 101.

Basically all the programs work the same. You get paid for either hits to other websites, or you get paid for sign-ups/purchases.

To me, the difference doesn't lie in which type you use, but rather how targeted the program is to *your* audience.

For example, if your site is an amateur webcam, and you don't do 'anything real kinky' you probably aren't best to choose bsdm & spanking affiliate programs. You should stick with more amateur sites, or at least those that 'look like you.'

Which does not mean blondes should only pick blond affiliates; I mean that you should remember who visits your site, and why, and give them more of what they want. For example, you might want one 'professional' blonde model site affiliate program to capture those who aren't into amateurs, as well as a few other amateurs (who are different enough from you so you don't give away your target audience), and perhaps some videos or sex toys of the same flavor as your site.

The more the affiliate program is tailored to you site visitors, the more likely the visitors are to be interested in the programs you offer.

And this is where the personal recommendation works much better than a bunch of banners. Folks like to feel you personally have used/tried the programs/products and like them. It makes them feel like they are a friend or at least among like-minded folk.

So, be selective in what you offer. And be selective in how much you offer...

Less is more, not just in what your models wear, but in affiliate programs.

A page with 20 blinking banners only distracts ~ No one knows where to go first!

By keeping your selections to a few per page, you can make them fit the page content, *and* make the recommendation stand out.

These are my opinions (of which I have many) ~ I'd love to hear your thoughts on & experiences with affiliate programs. If you'd prefer not to talk shop in public, send me an email. I may publish your question with my comments here, but I won't use your name unless I have your permission.

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