Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Affiliate Tips

Many bloggers are making good money with affiliate programs, as are webmasters, cam-girls, and directories. Here are a few basic tips to generating income with affiliate programs.

Top affiliates always do the following to promote sales:

- Rotate and update buttons, banners and text links to give visitors something new to consider.

- Include links in email signatures.

- Match affiliate programs & products to your web content.

- Include links in Yahoo Groups, MySpace and other community places where it is appropriate.

- Update their visitors on new sales and promotions (and take outdated links out!)

But don't rely on just text links or even banners. Include real content about what you are trying to sell: a feature article or product review gets readers interested.

And then, re-use your content:

- Send it out in your newsletter or ezine.

- Include a link to a popular article in your email signature.

- Submit your articles to online article directories, free content sites, and for free distribution with the agreement that your affiliate links remain intact. Even offline media (magazines, newspapers, newsletters, TV, radio) can bring traffic and sales if you include your URL (which has attractively placed affiliate links, of course!).

Other general tips:

Use your affiliate link with an image of a product where ever possible -- even if only to recommend a 'favorite', 'top pick' or quick testimonial.

Free sites, it's fair game to ask your readers to support your website/publication by making their purchases from your affiliates list. Reminding them that it's these funds which keep the site free is not only appropriate, it's true. If they appreciate the site, it's likely that they will respond with a purchase or at least not be offended.

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