Saturday, January 13, 2007

Annoying Your Way To A Skanky Sale

Well, folks, it may come as no surprise that Gracie is one opinionated gal. And when it comes to working on the web, I am no different...

I have an issue regarding the general 'wisdom' of adult webmasters. OK, so what follows *looks* like a long list & more than 'an issue' but really, it is one issue...

I don't understand the desire, no, the marked effort, to annoy site visitors.

Here is a list of standard recommendations for 'free sites' to use to generate income. Note how all of these are more annoying than helpful:

Index or 'warning' page also containing banner advertising, and a link to your site which actually goes to a full page ad for another site. How many times have you searched for some information or personal kink, and ended up in a completely different place, with no clue as to how to get to where you were trying to go? Does it warm your heart or annoy the piss out of you? What reaction are you trying to get from a potential customer?

Put a "No thanks, let me in" link at the bottom of this full ad page, which goes to your site's main page. Yes, after a few experiences with the first bit, you do learn to look for this 'real link,' but does this really work? Have you ever 'accidentally' signed up for a pay site?

Honestly, I did once. (Huge blush, but I was a newbie!) However, after many threatening emails, phone calls, etc. I didn't get my $25.95 back, but I did the future billings stopped...

Did I ever go back to those types of sites again? Hell, No!

When I see that BS, I click back & out. I know I can find another, more honest site to work with ~ *and* I will gladly pay twice the subscription rate!

On your 'real main page' place ads along with your 'real' content. Usually these are obvious, but they drag page load time, and junk up the place.

Between the links to your 'real content' place more full page ads, with the 'No Thanks' links to continue. Jeeze, more of the same crap...

On your small gallery or content pages, load up with more advertising, and free content from sponsors. 'Sponsors' are just advertisers, mind you, so what you have is a loud, annoying, heavy page with little original content what-so-ever.

Place an exit console off your main page &/or other pages, so when a surfer hits the back button to leave your site, you have one more chance of making some money on that same traffic. Yeah, brilliant. It didn't work the first time, the first 10 times, it is *really* going to work when they are trying to flee as fast as they can...

This is the stuff that the so-called pros are trying to teach you & I?!

If this is how to 'maximize your income potential' then I have to say these pros are not making money.

Do any of these tricks really work? Other than the fact that newbies are arriving on the Internet each & every day, and they may be as dumb and clumsy, as I to find themselves paying for the wrong site, the newbie phase is on the down slide.

And it sure doesn't build customer relations.

If you cannot retain subscribers, they are not happy. Unhappy folks do not talk well about your site, or your business. They do not pass links along to their friends, doing your marketing for you.

Even a supposed 'free site' can make money. Respectable money. And they can do it with 'sponsors' certainly, but with tricking surfers?

Not for long.

I have said it before, and I'll say it again: You can have an adult business without being trashy.

Take it from a pro. Putting out for cash isn't demeaning unless you make it so.

Offer a classy service that shows respect for yourself & your site visitors, and you will have as much pride as you do cash.

The choice is yours... You can be a $5 skank no one wants, or admits to having had, or you can be earning several hundred dollars an hour by being a classy bit of tail folks want.

So, how are you going to service your customers?

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