Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Do You Need A Blog?

Before I begin my long commentary on how to make the most of blogs, I thought it best to begin with why you need a blog.

As a primer, read Is blogging here to stay? Can you use it?. When ready, proceed...

In the MySpace/Social Networking talks with erotica authors, Autumn Seave of Inky Blue Allusions said:

Blogging is huge in making yourself known. Not just promoting your site, but letting people know who you are and why you do what you do. People tend to do business with people they feel they have a relationship with. So, MySpace is great for blogging and revealing part of yourself that allows people to be comfortable with you.

This is an important thing in our business. You know The Whore is all about being a classy bit of tail, but let's face it: our business has an image problem.

The number of people who have concerns over how we run our business is huge ~ and not without reason. Bait & switch links, memberships that are nearly impossible to end, charging for content that is free elsewhere etc. all these things nasty little crack-whore webmasters and other disease ridden sluts do, these affect public perception every time a person considers your site, publication, shoppe etc.

A blog can do much to counter-act these apprehensions.

As Autumn said, people feel more comfortable doing business with those they know. If they at least feel you are a real person, they'll be more likely to trust you. And your blog can do that ~ how is for later.

This of course is all on the premise that you have a website or business that your blog accompanies. What if you want your blog to be your business?

While it's true there's money to be made by being a blogger with affiliate programs or selling ad space, this is trickier. You are selling the product of another (or many others). So your reputation is just as vital; others will apply your credibility to the evaluation of who/what you are selling.

I don't recommend just signing up for any & all the affiliate programs you can. And I certainly would expect that you have an interest in ~ if not passion for ~ the niche or topics you plan to talk about. Because random uncaring posts are like that skanky crack-whore sex: no one's interested unless desperate. (Sex with a pro may be loveless, but it's not without it's care.) And with so many prime locations already staked out, desperate folks won't even find you.

In recently interviewed Richard Evans Lee, who has more blogs than I can count at this time. Many of his blogs you'll recognize for he's quite a successful sex blogger. I asked him, "You've been doing this a long time, in Internet Years ;) Many "sex blogs" have come and gone during this time. To what do you attribute the longevity of your blog? Any advice for sex bloggers?" And this was his reply:

I enjoy doing it. While I do run ads I never expect it to support me. Too many bloggers start in search of profit. They usually fall by the wayside.

If you don't get some sort of personal fulfillment and pleasure from having a sex blog - or any blog - it is best to not bother.

So I guess the best way to answer the question, "Do you need a blog?" is to decide if you are ready to invest the time, care and even passion into it? If the answer is 'No' ~ or you disagree with what's been presented here and you believe you can make a fast easy buck ~ then I'd say, "Stop being a $5 crack whore licking the public's face!" It's not sexy and you're ruining the images of the rest of the quality escorts.

If the answer is 'Yes', then stick around, subscribe to the newsletter, and I'll tell you more.

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