Friday, January 19, 2007

Free PR Book Froom PRWeb

I received this email from PRWeb:

The rules of PR have changed.

The influence of the Internet has not only changed the way both the media and your customers choose to receive their news and find information, it has opened the door for a whole new set of influencers, including bloggers. All of this means more visibility for your news and, ultimately, more results for your business, but only if you understand online PR.

Keep your PR team one step ahead of the competition and extend the reach of your news, make sure your organization leverages 'The New Rules of PR'.

Authored by marketing strategist and online expert David Meerman Scott and updated for 2007, "The New Rules of PR" includes practical 'newsmarketer' tips from David McInnis, founder and CEO of PRWeb, the leader in maximizing distribution and optimization of your news online.

They include:

* Optimizing your news releases for search
* Utilizing online distribution services to reach thousands of web sites and blogs
* Leveraging advanced social media features including TrackBacks/PingBacks and Technorati tagging to extend the reach of your news
* Developing content that attracts your key audiences and drives traffic to your site

Use the power of the Internet to your advantage, learn the new rules of PR! Visit PRWeb and receive your free copy of "The New Rules of PR" today.


Joe Beaulaurier
Interactive Marketing Manager

I downloaded it but have not read it yet; while I am certain it's not aimed at adult marketers, I'm certain it's worth the time. So grab your copy.

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