Sunday, January 7, 2007

Gently Scratching Your Niche

Continuing our talk, let's talk about how to scratch, gently, but vigorously!

When you have a niche site, you are tailoring a site to one specific market. This means a narrower target, but don't think that is 'bad.' On the contrary, I think it is a sure fire hit. By narrowing your target, you need not take aim at everything and anything; you are allowed to be precise in your aim!

We covered how you need not link-up with everyone & anyone. Not only does this mean you provide 'good matches' for your site to be found, but you also limit those you offer on your site. Your links pages are smaller, meaning less reason for visitors to leave. And you may refuse to swap or partner easily, and gently, with a simple reply of, "Thank you, but it is not our client base." (Usually this is enough to rid you of unwanted requests too, if you state your policy clearly.)

Now, let's think about where you do want to be, and who you want to be swapping links with...

Let's say you have a site about 'big black booty' ~ which is all any lover of black female ass could want. You know you shouldn't be on 'big knockers' or 'oral cum shots,' but where do you want to be?

Well, likely any female booty site will be a start. And sites with black models in general. But what is the fantasy really about?

Is it for white men, who have not yet dared to touch black booty in real life? Is it the fantasy of black women looking for more black women? Is it just because they like big butts & they cannot lie? Maybe it is all of the above. Then you have the opportunity to link, partner, and swap with sites that are similar in fantasy.

But let's say, your site is all about an even smaller niche... You are a 'big black booty bondage site.' You rope 'em, tie 'em, and even spank 'em. Then you may wish to narrow your partnerships & marketing to sites that are bondage themed, and black themed, and other 'big butt' sites, but thinking carefully about the types within these sites...

If your site is classy, with more art type photos, then model sites are still a good bet. Probably a better bet than amateur ones.

If your site is all about the rough sex and not-so-much the 'art' quality, then look for sites with the same edge.

Is your site heavy with written erotica? Then look for other sites that offer the same. Erotic readers are more likely to want more erotic stories than just pic sites, so remember that in your partnerships.

Now, all of this applies to your scratching on your site as well.

Keywords are any text on your site, so what you write there to describe your site accurately will be keyword rich. Again, don't use 'blonde white amateur teens' if you are a 'big black booty bondage' site. Number one, don't mislead your paying customers! Number two, it won't bring in who you want.

Using any popular words just to get traffic or paying customers is scratching yourself to bleed.

Yes, bleed. It will only hurt you. If you have to refund, or even end your site because the word is out that you lie about your offerings, you are in trouble deep. Besides, surfers who find you for those non-existent blondes *do* cost your something. Time, yes. Refunds, maybe. But what about your bandwidth costs? Your word-of-mouth advertising? Oh, yes, and the fact that you are not really focusing on the customer you do want? How are they to believe you really are the 'big black booty bondage site' if they see 'blonde teens' written everywhere (or even anywhere)?

Other examples are describing features you offer.

If you don't offer chat, don't mention it. If you do have message boards to meet members &/or models, mention it; if not, do NOT.

Simple, right?

Ok, now look at other parts of your site... Aside from your true content, what else do you offer? Links, we discussed. But what of affiliate programs? Special offers? Promotions? All of these should be tailored to your niche customer as well.

Only offer items that will be of interest to your real customer. Don't offer them videos on gay men if your big black bound booties are not male. Don't offer a special discount on your other site about Brittany Spears look-alikes.

Not only does it mean nothing to your big black booty bound lovers, but it detracts from keywords etc.

Always, *always* think about what they want more of, and you will scratch the niche, nicely.

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Blogger Michelle said...

Wonderful, Gracie. As a marketing professional, i can only say 'bravo; the lady has brains as well as sex-appeal'. But we always knew that, didn't we?

January 8, 2007 5:43 AM  
Blogger Marketing Whore said...

Michelle, one of our heads is swelling ~ this time, it may be mine :p

You'll have to tell me what area you whore in... I'm dying to know!

January 13, 2007 1:07 PM  

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