Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Got Female Traffic? Want More?

Meet Entrepreneur and PR Specialist, Chloe Jo Berman.

Chloe's a PR princess slash event planner slash Indie record label creative director. She's thrown parties in NY's hottest rooms since she was 15, rocked out as a musician, and been on the cover of magazines proclaimed an "IT" girl. As bad as her tattoos may suggest she is, she's a former Orthodox Jewish Yeshiva girl who will tell you exactly where to get the best deal on a Chanel bag and who gives the best facial.

And why should you care about Chloe?

Because Chloe took her small fashion event business and turned it into a newsletter promotion service with as much loyalty as any branded corporate giant. With 13,000+ devoted and active subscribers, The Girlie Girl Newsletter is a marketer's wet dream.

Originally The Girlie Girl Newsletter was started to promote Chloe's fashion events. (At the end of each fashion season, she buys out large distributors, boutiques, and stores and resells to the public at up to 90% off retail.) From there, Chloe began doing freelance events for other designers, then segued into producing LGBT events, and in the process started up her LGBT list of loyal followers.

While all of this is cool and inspirational in and of itself, Chloe now offers her newsletter as a vehicle to support other cool women-owned businesses and causes that are important to her.

I discovered Chloe's list this Spring (and frequently shop off her list of cool tidbits), but I had no idea that Chloe was accepting outsider use of her cool newsletter. I discovered this in my interview with her over at Sex-Kitten (Adult Link). Once I discovered this, I just had to ask her all about the opportunity...

Who are the subscribers of The Girlie Girl Newsletter?

Our lists are the creme de la creme of hipster city women. Our demographic is upwardly mobile, socially conscience hipsters from 18-55. In addition to spreading the word about your business, you also get a chance to be seen by the numerous magazine editors, writers, celebrities, and taste makers on our lists. This newsletter is excellent for any event, but consumer product sales seem to flourish after a blast from our girlie camps. Of course, once we get the word out for you - there are tie-in opportunities galore!

How often do you send issues?

The newsletter goes out weekly or at least tri-Monthly - depending on how many events we have going on each month.

What are the numbers on each city list?

Our Atlanta list is 5,000, our NYC list is 10,000, and our Los Angeles list is 1,000. The general LGBT national list is over 13,000.

I know I shop off your recommendations, and network off your list, but do you really have that much power?

Our list has been garnered on a grass roots level for the past ten years, which is why we rarely have removals and have such a loyal reading audience! But here are some testimonials:

"I have subscriptions to like 8 newsletters, and GirlieGirl is the only one I read entirely as soon as I get it because there is almost always something useful in there for myself or one of my girls...Chloe has her hand in a little of everything--truly a networking superwoman with NY style!" Chrissie (ny reader)

But let's be frank, do the businesses get results?

Web-based businesses are wise to let ALL our fab girls know about their biz. Our reasonable rates will have the hipsters dashing to your business - you lucky thing! Our girls really do love to shop online and support Indie businesses! More testimonials ;)

"Chloe is not only a fabulously generous human being, she's a publicity goddess! She bumped my website views massively, definitely caused my book to sell thousands of copies, and gave the book a huge hit of love Chloe-style - thereby increasing my hipness a thousandfold. I recommend Chloe unreservedly. She's wonderful!"
- Maria Dahvana Headley (Author of THE YEAR OF YES: A Memoir - Hyperion Books), Seattle, WA

"Chloe Jo is THE supreme PR queen!!! With her help and services we have had fantastic results that translated to an increase in direct sales, successful turnouts at events we have produced, and networking with other performers, producers, and businesses. Chloe Jo ROCKS!!"
- Jackie Strano, owner of SIR Productions/ Indie musician, Santa Cruz, CA.
(Adult Link) www.sirvideo.com

OK Chloe, what are the options?

For our smallest campaign, we ask a weekly fee (per email listing alongside all other listings) of $40 per city - that is if we feel your product or service is applicable to our demographics.

A $40 blurb has NO image, JPEG, or attachment. If you would like to have one of those items, you need to go for the EXCLUSIVE blurb.

If you would like to run your promotional program exclusively (a stand alone email that can be as long as you like, with attachments or images), this costs $250-$500 (depending on time of the year and content of email). These emails see an exponentially larger rate of success than the smaller blurbs.

It is sometimes possible to do product exchange or (depending on the size of your list and location of the bulk of your list) email blast to your clientele about our events in lieu of paying the fee.

Any other promo opportunities?

Yes, we have postcards and swag opportunities. Promotional postcards, magazines, or merchandise can be added to our shoppers bags for a flat fee of $100 per event. You are physically reaching a huge number of women, and are able to track how many people came from our sale if you place a code on your postcards.

We are also available for press and pr consultancy for your business. And we can set up and organize street teams for companies and bands or they can use ours. Contact me to learn more.

Anything else we should know?

Charitable events are exempt from this policy, and we will consider trade (product or email blast) instead of cashola. And if you would like a sample of the newsletter that goes out, please email us for a copy. Just email chloe (at) chloejo.com to get linked into our little universe!

So, how do we seal the dealio?

First, contact me to see if your product or service is right for Girlie Girl. The listing fees are payable via www.paypal.com (to Chloe(at) ChloeJo.com and only by using a check/bank card - if using a Credit Card - charge is $5 extra since we get charged extra for cc's), or check/ money order to us. Details will be provided on the completion of an arrangement.

For those who want to know more, you may visit Chloe's website, www.chloejo.com, &/or contact her at chloe@chloejo.com.

And I highly recommend subscribing to at least one of the newsletters to get an idea of what events, products and companies Girlie Girl covers. To do so, just send an email to chloe@chloejo.com with "LGBT National" in the subject line of your email. Or, if you prefer events in your city only, use "Sample Sales" (and the city of your choice, NYC, LA, or Atlanta) as your email subject line.

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