Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Have an Erotic Story Website or Blog? Want It Reviewed?

Authors who have websites and blogs with erotic stories, and would like to promote them, here's an announcement for you!

Carrie White, who runs Hentracks Reviews, has now opened up Sexography, and decided to expand her erotica reviewing to include websites.

Now along with her book reviews, she will be reviewing story or text only sites or sites that have stories within them.

When Carrie and I first talked, I told her how difficult it is for story sites to get attention let alone stand out in a 'world' which is so focused on image/movie sites. So her choice to include websites with her other erotica reviews is good news for us all.

One of the great things about Carrie is that she does allow for you to quote from and use reviews in your promotional efforts (as long as you properly credit/link to her) ~ Doing this also increases her traffic, which will increase the number of reads every one's own reviews will receive, which is good for all of us!

Another great thing about Carrie is that she's a professional. She communicates well during the review process, and will let you know when the review has been published. Those with pay sites will appreciate the fact that Carrie will not ask for you to renew the review pass a dozen times.

Anyone who wishes to take Carrie up on her services, should contact her at her website ~ and please, as a courtesy, tell her that Gracie sent you. Feel free to tell other erotica authors you know, but please ask that they drop my name too ~ it's the kind and respectful thing to do! (It's not that I make a dime off of this, it's just proper networking!)

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