Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Interview With Matt of Darker Pleasures (Part One)

If you are a follower of Gracie, God bless your lusty little heart, you know that there is the occasional talk of issues that fall into the BDSM area. On more than one opportunity the name of has popped up as well.

Darker Pleasures is an adult website worthy of Gracie's repeated recommendations, both in it’s singular status as The breast bondage & torture erotica site, & it's spectacular display of class. (Yes, kiddos, you can be a classy porn site, and even a classy torture site.)

Matt was one of the first adult webmasters to befriend lil' ol' Gracie, which is a nice way of saying that Matt is patient with a newbie ~ and generous with his time. Matt is a reminder that real, decent humans with integrity can be found in the world of adult entertainment. My heartfelt thanks to him for all his respect, kindness, and generosity.

Gracie figures a few of you have questions about "what kind of person runs a website like that?" and "who would deliberately seek such entertainment?" So, let's ask Matt, who runs the site...

How do you best define your site?

Surfer dudes: We're the Mecca of breast bondage and tit torture. It doesn't get any more original or comprehensive than this if breast punishment is your thing.

Business types: Darker Pleasures specializes in nothing but original and comprehensive breast bondage and torture erotica. We're the only site of its kind on the Internet, unless there's one lurking in a dark corner we haven't found.

What was the driving force behind your creation of the site?

Ah... That would be money. I know that's not as glamorous as "We wished to make the world safer for breast torture for future generations," but honesty's the best policy. Oh, and I was enamored with Christine Dannemont's breasts and was more than happy to have a chance to spend more time with them on an intimate basis...

How long has the site been around? How long has it been a pay membership site?

We began researching and prepping DP in mid-1999. We went live on April 28, 2000. We've been a members site since dayimus oneimus (that's Latin for "Day One"), and haven't raised our price a red cent since.

How many subscribers?

At the moment we have around 600ish members, give or take a couple, and with the exception of the occasional "Google has mucked up their search engine algorithm" period, have been steadily growing since conception (that's an adult web site pun, by the way.) We've been through several thousand. Such is the way of adult sites.

Mostly male subscribers?

Um... I'd say about 3/4 of them. We have quite a few ladies, and the number's growing the more that knowledge of our story quality gets out. They're definitely our most loyal fans. Go figure.

Let's talk about fantasy for a minute... Obviously much of your content is fantasy. Most of your visitors are interested in the subject, but how many do you think are 'living it?'

Now this is completely subjective here, but I'd say no more than 10% actually live it. There are a lot of dabblers, and a whole lot more that'd give an eye tooth (or left nut, depending on your level of crudity) to be able to do it. If response to my Breast Punishment Primer is any indication, it's a growing pastime.

I know that you have taken some 'hits' as far as content on your site. Some people think this type of content is 'too much' etc. How do you respond?

Snuff is too much. Non-consensual brutal rape is too much. What we do is fantasy. You'd be amazed at the number of people on both sides of the gender barrier that either do, or fantasize about what we do, all the time. It goes without saying that 99.99934672 percent of men (as determined by an unofficial poll just taken in the last thirteen seconds with a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percent) would love their significant other to play this way, or at least in some way similar. How many women have fantasies about being bound and "had?"

Heck, we don't even show the pink bits. Seriously... umm... just a sec, what I was about to say is covered in the next question.

Do you feel it has violent consequences for women in the 'real world,' or promotes hating women? (I know it doesn't but sheesh, I gotta ask it!)

OK, now... Seriously, I don't believe that what we do endangers women. We have far too many women that love what we do, and the way we do it, for that to be the case. We are adamantly opposed to non-consensual stuff, and we have articles ~ Ramblings (that's my monthly editorial - an unabashed plug) and disclaimers all over the place that make that perfectly clear.

That is not to say that I think all porn is safe for human consumption. There comes a time when saying it's just fantasy is a poor excuse. I've mentioned snuff and brutal rape scenarios already. Child porn and bestiality are also sick. Some things harken back to primal nature, such as bondage and rough play, and can be safe, sane, and fun. Others should transcend human nature and are simply criminal. It takes an enlightened mind to understand the difference. Unfortunately, there are many out there who are incapable of being enlightened.

Wow, that was a soap box, huh?

Stay tuned ~ there's more from Matt to come!

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