Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Do you know who is at your door?

Well, actually it is 'click-click' ~ Who is visiting your website?

Why are they there?

Are they staying, buying, leaving?

In business, there are terms for this stuff: traffic, visitors, conversions, ROI, statistics & demographics, and of course, profit.

A good business person knows who is arriving at their site, why they came, if they are happy enough to buy, etc.

Of course, all this information helps you know how to get them back, how to find more like them, and hopefully how to sell more (both to them & the new visitors).

How much do you know about the folks you service?

Aside from tracking website visitors, knowing what keywords they searched for, or links they came from, do you know if they are male? Female? Queer? Over 30?

Are they happy to find you, or were they mislead by some link & left abruptly?

If they purchased, are they happy to do so again? Would they tell others how cool your stuff is?

Have you asked them?

The Whore sure is a tease today ~ all these questions, and no answers!

I'd love to help you find out. Subscribe to the newsletter, post your comments & questions, and contact me with your questions & ideas.

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