Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Scratching Your Niche

So you have your niche, and you are ready to scratch it. How do you do that?

It's pretty simple, really.

People have an itch, they do what? They scratch it, right? Or they apply a lotion, salve other what-not. But only to the affected areas. If they have an itch on their left shoulder, they don't scratch themselves red all over. Nor do they do it until they bleed.

The same applies to your niche site.

If you have a niche site, you don't "scratch it" everywhere. If your site is dedicated to white teen amateur girls, you don't promote as 'lonely housewives,' 'gay gang bangs,' or 'big black booty.' That means you won't use those above keywords ~ even if someone said those are the 'ultra hot keywords' that bring him 40000 uniques a day. Those words won't help you reach who you want.

The same is true with those you trade links with, message boards you post at (always with permission, of course!), and places you buy ads with. You are scratchin' everywhere, wasting your time, leaving yourself red all-over, with nothing good to show for it.

You want to find folks who itch on the left shoulder, not some folks with an itch on their big toe, their nose or elsewhere. Just those who itch where you have a niche.

Now, there is obviously a lot more to scratching your niche. This is merely part one. But Gracie started with this first as she wants you to remember one thing, and one thing only: Focus on your niche & that is all.

Go ahead & read as much as you can, always thinking how that trick will work for you & your site. But don't let some fool sell you some package that is not in your niche, or convince you that you can't make money unless your site uses these 3 magic keywords ~ or whatever crap they tell you.

Just repeat after Gracie: "I will scratch my own niche, thank you."

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