Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Think Niche, Bitch

Often on adult webmaster sites that have message boards, you will find a newbie post that goes something like this:

"I've been making some decent money as a webcam performer but I really want to open my own paysite. The thing is, I'm afraid to put money into this as I don't have big breasts. More than one person has told me that I need to get implants in order to sell subscriptions. Do you think a girl with small tits can have paysite success?"

Whenever I read questions like this, I want to scream, "Think niche!"

A niche site is one with a specific audience. Generally, the market for this site is smaller. But don't let that bother you. If you work it right it is much easier to make a name for yourself, and plenty of money too. It's like being a big fish in a small pond.

Using the example post above, that woman should milk her small tits. Even if she can't physically do that, she can make them her 'bit,' you know?

In fact, the odder/freakier you are, the better your chances. A woman with a set of boobs on her back, or a the ability to fist her second pussy would make money hand-over-fist. You get the idea: With niche sites, you take a 'flaw' and make it your money maker.


Well, simply put, you'll have less competition. How many Big Boobie sites are there? How many gay paysites? Each vying for the consumer's dollars, each trying to compete with each other... Put in those common words & see how many listings you get? But if you put in a specific thrill, the list is less.

Unlike the mainstream society where there is a set standard, adult business can capitalize on anything different. Why do you think amateur sites are so popular? Perhaps the glossy magazine types aren't as exciting as you think... After all, there are plenty of places to see that. And the world isn't made of men & women who all fall for that standard either. Anything different is an instant fetish!

OK, so you don't have a rack on your back, and the second pussy thing isn't a reality either, but you can still find your niche.

Believe Gracie, she has seen lots of 'unusuals' make big bucks. She has worked the phones, when all sorts of requests come in... My point is, don't try to do what everyone else is doing.

Do what you like, what you dig, no matter if others think your audience is too small. (Though, if a very small niche, consider the amount of work and money invested and weigh it against returns; perhaps modifying features, costs etc until you reach a tipping point of income.) You're going to be spending huge amounts of your life working this niche, so you might as well be 'a natural' with your freaky fetish ~ or at least doing something fun and natural to you. So, find your niche.

Later, we'll discuss how to scratch that niche.

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Blogger Woody said...

Common sense such as this is sadly not very common in this tired old world... thus the mobs of entrepreneur wannabes rushing headlong into a market swamped with dozens/hundreds/thousands of other identical sites.

As a guy who grew up in the 40's and 50's, I find the mainstream emphasis of the adult industry to be uninspired and anything but erotic. But show me a peek down a improperly buttoned blouse or up a skirt as a lady carelessly re-crosses her stocking clad legs and you've got my complete and undivided attention – not to mention other things at attention!

I wonder who's paying attention to demographics these days - don't they know that the number of us 50 and 60-something guys is reaching critical mass? Do they care that we have good jobs and considerable disposable income? Have they bothered to find out what turns us on? From what I see online, I can tell you they have not.

Do they think just by turning up the volume on what works for the 20 and 30-something crowd us old geezers will hear and tune them in? Nope, won’t work.

I run a Yahoo Group that focuses on classic lingerie - especially the styles that originated in the 40's through early 60's. There are some 4600 avid members who agree with me on this issue. We want to be teased, and tormented with hints of what’s beneath a woman’s street clothes, and would actually prefer that she not always get naked in 3.5 seconds, and most of us find classic nylon briefs and full slips to be far sexier than thongs and string bikinis.

A few clever and understanding women have been providing us with the sort of stuff we enjoy and that turns us on… and a small core of Groups serve as a home base for us guys and allow us to share any new gems we come upon.

But with all the supposedly brilliant folk running online businesses, I often wonder why only a handful look at mining this very loyal, and potentially profitable niche? Why do we need to work so hard to find new soft fetish talent out there?

My background is in marketing and sales... and I've always been taught that the first one into a market stands to claim the most market share and will do so the fastest. The rest of the not so early birds are left to fight over what’s left. But instead of looking for new and green pastures, our wannabes all seem to be elbowing each other to get into the great gray undifferentiated uncreative crowd of big boobed be-thonged bimbos.

You've made a brilliant point - but sadly, most of those wannabes are just too darned smart to pay much attention to your words.

Thanks! Great Blog!
Keep on Keeping on.

January 7, 2007 12:07 AM  
Blogger Marketing Whore said...

Hello bright fellow ;)

I do think there are webmasters and adult industry folks who do get the 'less is more' and that romancing the customer is important, but some of these folks forget that others need to hear about them. Word of mouth in your own little circle isn't enough. It's for these folks that I blog ;)

True, they may be a smaller group, but I am equally loyal ;)

I hope you do come back soon ~ and may I interest you in an affiliate program to erotica with many historical stories? :batting lashes: I bet your group members would love it!

January 13, 2007 1:06 PM  

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