Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Three Internet Contact Points

What every person doing business on the Internet needs to understand is that on the web, the only way you are found is in one of 3 ways, or contact points. ('Being found' means discovery, so this does not include use of your URL on your business card, brochure, catalog, product packaging etc.)

The Three Contact Points Are:

Searches: You likely start at Google, the Yahoo Directory, or Ask.com. Or if you are seriously shopping, at Froogle, Amazon, eBay, or other favorite haunt, based on what you are looking for.

Links: You start your day at your favorite website, see a link that is described interestingly, and you click on it. Maybe it's a sales page, & you shop. Or maybe it's a cool personal page on Civil War monuments and you follow a link listed on their links page, to a blog, then to another page & so on until you end up buying or joining something.

Word of Mouth: A referral from a friend or family member. Your sister tells you of this great place & you sit at your computer & type in the URL, your friend forwards you a newsletter she's subscribed to, or your co-worker sends you an email with the link to some groovy website.

Some routes are more direct than others, but those are really the main ways anything is found on the web.

As a business person, you must try to harness as much/many of these contact points as possible.


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