Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Whoring Your Site With Links

Getting traffic to your adult website, no matter what kind it is, requires promotions ~ whoring your site information with the hopes that you will get some folks over to see just how fine your offerings are.

No matter what kind of site you have, even if your site isn't mature or adult in nature, all web site owners need to do this. There is no real difference in between website A and website XXX in this area of business.

All websites need links in, from other sites & search engines. Once you get a few folks there, you can hope that your site impresses those surfers enough to have them forward your URL to friends, link to the site from theirs etc. This is the 'buzz' or 'word of mouth' factor.

But, you need to get some surfers there in order to convince them that you have a site worthy of sharing. The first step is to get some links from other sites. (We'll cover search engines & directories later.) The best way to get those links is to ask.

However, just as with real whores, there are degrees of vulgarity involved.

Why be a $5-any-trick-crack-whore when you can be a $300-per-hour-escort?

Run your site with some class, and you'll be more like the latter.

One of the best ways to show some class while running an adult website is to keep in mind the following ideas as you work on getting those links to your sites:

Make each & every email request work for you. Don't use a standard email that you cut & paste in every request. Instead, take some time to tailor it to each individual website/webmaster. Let them know you really looked at their site, and list a few reasons why your link is helpful to their visitors., &/or why it is beneficial to them to work with you.

If you are offering a swap, let them know which type (text, banner etc) and where you will place theirs. A request with no information, especially if your site doesn't have a clear 'links' page, makes them think you will not be putting a link up.

*Always* say thank you ~ both in advance, and upon a reply. Even if it is a rejection, a thank you is nice. And you may still be able to elicit a 'yes' with a polite 'thank you anyway' ~ I often read why they have said no and either clarify a misunderstanding, offer to sweeten the deal, or send them to another site I know which would be better for them. Trust me, they keep you in mind down the line.

Don't send a banner unless asked to. Directing them to where they can grab one is fine, or offer to send one if they are interested, but images can clog up an inbox fast. You'll soon be getting such requests yourself, and you'll see what I mean.

Don't ask non-adult sites to link to you, unless you see they already have adult links. It freaks them out. An email request from an adult site is not just a 'delete' moment, but one that makes them panic. You will be reported for spam or worse.

Don't just take links from anywhere, target your links. If your site is a for male viewers/subscribers who want to look at women, don't waste your time emailing sites for gay men. Traffic is not traffic, and even if this act only costs you your time, you have lost minutes where you could have found a site better suited to your audience. And what if you have to swap? Do you think that gay-guy link is going to mean much to your subscribers? Do them a favor, only offer links that they have a remote possibility of interest in. (We'll be covering more in the importance of targeting in other articles too.)

If possible get a text link. Yes, text. They tend to work better as folks easily tune out banners. A text link, especially if written by the web site owner who is placing it, reads as a recommendation, and therefore looks less like an ad, and more like an endorsement. But even just the name of your site linked tends to get better results than a banner on a banner farm type page. However, if they only do a banner link page, then be prepared to make one available.

Mind your manners. If they have a form request, use it. If they tell you to only inquire once, don't keep applying. If they say to post their link first before requesting a link of your own, do it.

A fear of giving them a few short-term extra few links, or a bit of a wait, is not worth risking bad press, ill will, and animosity you generate with website owners. They are surfers too. As such, they just plain 'talk' as well.

Always upload the other site's banner to your server ~ *Never* ever steal bandwidth.

This does not mean that you have to comply with their every wish. If you are not going to offer a banner links page (say you do not wish to use up your bandwidth, or dislike the look of all those loud banners on page etc.), then kindly explain why. Often your honest approach, especially when you put it in terms of a benefit to them, they will be most agreeable. If not, you can gently decline the offer.

You always have the right to keep the rules of your own site. Polite just means you respect their's as well.

And for the love of traffic, if not God, don't spam message boards. No one clicks them ~ unless it is a site owner who is going to complain to you or about you. Your goal is quality buzz, people saying nice things about your site, not trashing you. You are not going to get high quality referrals from low quality spam postings. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

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