Thursday, February 8, 2007

My Favorite Question This Week

My first reaction was to laugh at this question; afterall, it's funny:

"Do you think all adult webmasters are stupid? Your tone shows near contempt for the majority of us who know what we are doing. I make money, do you?"

Ahh, just pasting it here makes me giggle again.

But in all seriousness, I would be an idiot if I just laughed the question off.

The man who sent this has not (yet anyway) consented to my using his name here, so I'll just call him 'Bob.' Bob does make some good points.

Do I think all adult webmasters are stupid? Certainly not. If I thought everyone was incapable of learning, why bother to write about any of this at all? I'm no spring chicken when it comes to looking at adult websites, blogs, paysites, ezines, whatever you want to call the dearth of online publications which deal with human sexuality and adult entertainment. Along the way I've found plenty of 'bad' examples which are the bad apples in the harvest of forbidden fruit. These folks give the general population the impression that all smut is bad.

I prefer to think of these 'bad' sites and publications as run by ignorant folks who would gladly do better ~ if they only knew how. Indeed, if they only knew they were 'bad'. Instead of running about emailing each webmaster/blogger like Bob, telling them what I think, I choose to post it all here. So that we all may learn. It is my hope that if we all cleaned up our acts in selling 'dirty' goods and services, we'd all benefit. A more accepting, if not loving, public would be the result.

And then there are those who began their gigs with an interest in or passion for a particular subject, but have no background in marketing. Similarly, are those who read that there's money in forbidden fruit and want to avoid being a bad apple. I offer my thoughts here, for free mind you, in hopes that there's something of use for them. (And I admit I learn from those who share here too.)

If I sound contemptuous, well, I guess that's just me and my tone. Some call me 'snarky,' others think I'm just honest; I believe I am blunt about sharing my opinions. I'm rather clear that all of this is my opinion, based on my experience, which is told to you in my 'snarky,' 'blunt,' or even 'contemptuous' voice. Is it valid? Well, this brings us to the last of Bob's questions: Do I make money?

Well, Bob, that's not only a personal question (my upbringing doesn't allow for me to discuss how much a person makes, how much your house or car costs etc.) but a subjective one. Simply answered: yes, I do make money online from the adult world. Is the amount significant to you? I can't even imagine that answer. And I don't want to enter a pissing contest, Bob.

Then again, success for me isn't all about the money. Call me a tender whore, but I get a thrill from every email thanking me for helping her get what she wants in bed, for every email of a satisfied customer who finally has found porn they can watch, for every reader who has really enjoyed a hot erotic story. These are measures of my success. And these emails wouldn't arrive in my inbox if they hadn't been able to find my websites ~ which means I do know something about reaching my target market.

Does that answer your question, Bob?

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