Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Quick Questions, Quick Answers

The following are questions paraphrased or otherwise 'lumped' together based on questions I received after the latest Marketing Whore Newsletter was sent. Literally my inbox over-floweth. I'm doing my best to get through them all as quickly as I can and still be helpful. This is a start.

Dear Whore, how long should I give a blog before I pronounce it dead?

The Whore can do magical things, but she's no carnie ready to guess your weight ~ especially when she can't see you. Fundamentally, there is no rule. Variables include the size of your target market, how accurately you know your target market, how often you post ~ the quality of those posts, your authoritativeness, and what have you done to get folks over to notice you.

Consider a blog like sexual intercourse: never underestimate the slow-build as it may explode into the best time of your life.

Keep working it, teasing and pleasing, and for heavens sake enjoy it ~ if you have the slightest clue what you're doing the orgasm will come.

Dear Whore, after reading here I realize my blog's all over the place... Should I scrap it and start over? If I continue, to keep the few readers I do have, how do I choose what to focus on? What do I keep, what do I dump?

Compliments aside (I love to hear that I've helped someone see the light), this is rather like me telling you what you should be when you grow up. I'm flattered to be consulted in the matter, but look into your heart and see what you're the most passionate about. Even if this passion is attached to money & you need to whore your book, your call service or whatever, go for it with gusto. It's perfectly fine to hit your own erogenous zones when going for blog orgasm.

Dear Whore, I started a blog and then gave up on it. It's still there, just hasn't been updated in months... Should I restart it or begin anew? Will I look stupid with blank spots in time or am I more of an idiot to ignore what traffic and ranking I may have?

Glad to hear I've inspired you to blog again ~ and even happier still to hear you want to start off thinking about how to proceed. Blogging is like a bike, and you may fall off now and then but it's good to get back on and ride. As for the path you take, what can I say?


There's a pattern to the above questions ~ bonus points to you if you spotted it. Honestly, there are bonus points!

Email me with what pattern you see, and I'll put your name into my magic whore hat and if I draw your name, your blog will get the link over there in the sidebar Pimpin' spot. (Length of time you stay there is well, a crapshoot. More than a week for sure, but who knows when I'll feel like changing it or drawing names from the magic whore hat again?) Anyway, the link will be of your choosing: to your blog, your store, your book ~ you name it.

So email me with the pattern you see asap. The kind, nurturing whore that I am, I do want to clue in those who may not see it... And soon. So let's say email me what you see by Wednesday, 2/21/07 by noon Central Time.

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Anonymous Urban Iconoclast said...

Very good advice.

February 21, 2007 9:43 AM  
Anonymous Sara Winters said...

This is all your fault!

You and all your talk of being all organized and coherent and blogs being focused and such. *sigh* I have 4 blogs, 1 is (more or less) about my writing and another is about a little of everything. And now, because of you, a guilt trip is setting in about my lack of blog focus. I fear I shall have to start another one at blogger and transfer all my past erotica-esque ramblings into it like a patchwork quilt made from scraps of old clothes. Let us all hope this new project is half as beautiful when pieced together from two parts of the net.

Naturally, you'll be forced to link to me for starting this. :-p

February 21, 2007 4:10 PM  
Blogger Marketing Whore said...

Sara, I hope your 'quiting' goes well ~ I'm certain it will be lovely and worth the work ;)

February 23, 2007 12:17 AM  
Blogger Sara Winters said...

Yes. ;-) I'm working on filling it with the lovely things from which frequent readership is made. We'll see what happens.

February 23, 2007 2:16 PM  

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