Saturday, March 3, 2007

Q & A The Authority Way

Naughty Words has an excellent interview with Jerry D. Simmons regarding the erotica and sex books & the publishing industry. (Must reading for authors and book whores.)

I love how she asks the questions complete newbie (or even idiots) would ask. She's willing to ask the questions others fear to ask for looking stupid. You know the old saying, the only dumb question is the unasked one, well Naughty believes that's true.

While she doesn't pose as an expert with all the answers, she maintains her authority. This is how:

* She collects all the questions emailed to her
* She reviews them, looking for the cumulative information being sought
* She finds experts in those areas to interview
* She poses the questions to her interview subjects with some context (both personalizes the interview and illustrates what the question is really about)
* She publishes the interview

This way her readers get the information they seek but need not expose themselves. Authors know that Naughty will get them the information in a way which does not embarrass them. The experts interviewed understand what is being asked. Naughty maintains her status as a trusted authority. Everybody wins!

For other great author and publishing insider interviews, click her "Interviews with Pros" label or tag.

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