Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Some Ideas Just Take Time

You know how media-types will dub some band as an 'overnight sensation,' when in reality that band is only too happy to tell you how they played every little dive, sometimes for free, just to keep the next gig coming and that they did so for 15 years before they were 'discovered' as this 'overnight sensation'?

The same is true of any star, product, or company. It takes years of hard work to get noticed. Not just money, but dedication, work and the beloved 'sweat equity' are the investments over time which one hopes will pay off.

Well, the same can be said for marketing ideas.

It took 10 years for John Kricfalusi's animated advertising idea to be 'discovered' by a willing party.

I'm sure many of my marketing and advertising ideas are decades ahead of their time too ~ but I don't post this link just to toot my own optimistic horn. *wink* I want you to read Kricfalusi's post.

Not only does he have some great comments about how bad ads are (which to me leads to great creative ideas), but he exposes some issues fundamental to business in general, such as:
It used to be that big companies would compete with each other by making their products more appealing and attractive.
His implication is that for too many businesses more attention is spent on trying to buy and annoy their way into markets instead of serving those markets. It's obvious, but it's brilliant. There are too many companies which just don't see this.

His obvious and brilliant statement also leads me to my next (upcoming) post regarding the ethics of (and in) marketing. I just ask that you read Kricfalusi's post as a primer of many of our advertising sins as well as Rob Vagabond's comments on my gender issues in PR post first.

I really do ask little of you (other than a nagging reminder to subscribe to my newsletter, what do I ask of you?), so please make some time to read and think about this. It will make for better discussion!

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