Thursday, April 12, 2007

Blog Hostess

Here's a reminder I had to dole out three times this week...

When you have been given press, a link or any other promo opportunity, it's nice to point it out to fans at your blog. Everyone likes to say, "Hey, look what others are saying!" But as soon as you post that bit of happy-happy joy-joy, it sits at the top of your blog... Which is what new people will see when they first arrive from said promo piece. Now they already know this juicy bit, or likely they wouldn't be there, yes? So please, think of the new visitor, potential customer or fan, and give them something juicy they don't know.

In other words, follow up your quick, "Hey, check out cool press on me!" with another post which will engage new visitors. They've been invited to a party, so give 'em one.

One person I told this to this week told me that felt smarmy (well, honestly she said, it was "pandering propaganda," but I like the word smarmy). Doing this two-step, posting the Hey-Look link followed by a meatier 'you,' is neither pandering nor smarmy. It may be propaganda, for it has a purpose, but it's not necessarily of the Nazi variety.

What you're doing with this two-step is ensuring that these new people will immediately find something else new to know and (we hope) like about you. You have a purpose, to show yourself off a bit (or you can think of it more like a getting to know you handshake, if that seems more professional to you), but you are also providing a service. These new folks were interested enough in you to follow a link to 'meet you'; the least you can do is show up to greet them at the door.

That's not pandering or smarmy; that's just being a charming hostess.

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