Friday, April 13, 2007

Bubbles? We Don't See No Stinkin' Bubbles.

Amanda Chapel, Strumpette, says in this interview that the blog bubble has burst and that there's a shake-out coming to the blogosphere.
Q: If a PR person doesn't understand blogs and social networks, will they have a job in five years?

A: I am wondering if the folks who've totally/exclusively immersed themselves in all this stuff will have a job in five years. There are a lot of folks out on a limb professionally speaking. That's the problem with a bubble. When it breaks, they've got no where to go.

Excuse me but the bubble has broken.
I wish she'd have gone a bit deeper into why she feels this way. Of course anyone who goes too deep into anything risks being too far away to make it back to the center when swing-time comes; that's not my point. Why would Chapel say the bubble has broken? Indeed, please define, explain, the blogging bubble.

In order to have a blogging bubble one needs to have an over-inflated idea of what blogging is worth. And 'worth' in a monetary way. How much is a blog worth? How do we use it and monetize it? Hell, even those silly "What's your blog worth?" gizmos don't even agree on a blog's value.

I think Chapel mistakes our inability to agree on the worth of blogs with a bubble. Got no worth? Got no over-inflated worth. Then you don't have a bubble ~ burst or otherwise.

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