Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Linky-Do (And Linky-Don't)

Some relevant reading, a la The Whore:

From the Taipei Times, US: 'Citizen journalist' Web sites flourish; Bloggers and the Internet become more mainstream in today's media. (A general re-cap of much of the issue, but interesting to read a non-US perspective ~ even if US folks opinions are used.)

In Anyone Seen My Blog Post? we are (again) reminded (nauseated) by copyright violation and general bad practices. (Super bonus points for the actual content under discussion which continues our gender in PR talk. I wonder what they think of me? *wink*)

My post title isn't just clever ~ I wanted to also note something basic but oft overlooked in this whole blogging world...

When you post something to your blog, and you discovered it via some other blogger or website, you are supposed to thank or at least acknowledge them. Really.

Think of this as blogger etiquette with a side-dish of snappy green peas. For not only is it polite, but if your posting is really nothing new (in other words you don't add to the discussion but merely pass it along), perhaps that's all you should be doing rather than paraphrasing what they said (and by-passing the link out of shame).

If you'd be embarrassed to have another look at your post and the other blogger's post because you'd come up short, then perhaps you don't have a real 'post', but a 'point'. If so, just point (link) to the other person's words rather than re-iterate what they already said. In this case, it is polite to point.

As an example, my second link was found via Spin Thicket. See how easy that was?

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Anonymous Rob Vagabond said...

Hello again, Marketing Whore!

Thank you for responding to my post in such depth. While we're on this topic, I should point out that I originally found you at the gender discussion on Forward Blog:


Anyway, I want to make a couple other comments. Then I promise I won't bark up your tree anymore.

First, I respect your candor, your wit and your overall optimism about PR, Advertising and Marketing.

Second, I'm not entirely sure women "study" men as much as you say. I think women are doing well, moving up and replacing highly placed men in many professions (especially communications). Nancy Pelosi is a good example - or Chile's Michelle Bachelet - Hilary may be another one. And without a doubt, gender roles are improving. However, until more women are absorbing Sun Tzu, Machiavelli or Clausewitz and fewer are talking about what "should be," I think it will be difficult for women to "gain permission" to advance from their male counterparts.

That said, let's hope my jaded and cynical youth will pass. For there are a lot of bad influences out there:


Finally, I want to comment on your most recent link to AsiaMedia's story about citizen journalism.

I think your site and presence is a good example of citizens informing one another and, more important, engaging in conversation, argument and - largely democratic - discussion. Without these voices, we're left to the same slanted views of major newspaper op-eds and major TV and radio talk shows.

Regardless of how biased a blog is, critics of new media are overlooking a simple point: more people can express and hear alternative views. I welcome the onslaught of opinionated bloggers.

Even dirty ones :)


April 4, 2007 11:21 PM  
Blogger Marketing Whore said...

Rob, no worries about barking up this tree ~ if people didn't talk, what's the point of blogging? However, your comments require more attention than a quick retort, so I will blog myself silly (and soon) ;)

April 5, 2007 10:58 PM  
Anonymous Edward Wolf said...

Good advice - as always.

April 6, 2007 1:52 PM  

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