Thursday, April 12, 2007

No, Not Me

No, I'm not in the Carnival of Capitalists this week (I didn't submit anything), but I'm still going to point it out to you because I typically find good reading there.

This week, I am particularly struck by Sophistpundit's "New Media Economics" which makes some very sound points on the economics of blogging as well as posing the question, "Why blog?"

While I am more inclined to agree with the points he picks apart, Sophistpundit makes some valid points about the other reasons blogs end. Given the high end-rate of blogs, and my own personal experience with blogging and bloggers, I still believe most bloggers quit because they get bored (i.e. not enough readers).

There's no fun in talking to a wall. Remember how momma used to tell you that when dealing with bullies the best thing you can do is ignore them? If you don't react, you've removed their feedback, their fun. (So don't abandon me, dear Marketing Whore readers!)

In a highly populated blogosphere where (according to Naked Conversations) "Someone started a blog once every second today, and about every two seconds someone else abandoned one," it's pretty clear that not all of the quitters did so because they 'got tired of being popular' or had 'a conflict of interest.'

So I'm still going to agree with the sucess of the long-end-of-the-tail and the simple human economics of it all. Like said Mister Snitch said, "Blogging resembles investment in that the blogger invests time and energy in hopes of a return. Bloggers' return on investment is readers."

(You really should read Mister Snitch's post because his categorization of bloggers is decent and perhaps this will help you identify what the heck it is you want to do.)

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