Monday, April 16, 2007

Two Basic Blogging Links

#1 The Thinking Blog has a great post on blogging basics: Guide to Blog Promotion. I agree with most everything there, except perhaps the meme thing... Carnivals are more content worthy and have more clout. Plus many bloggers, readers, and blogging services hate memes. (Here's what Technorati has to say about them.)

Oh, and to be honest, I don't know if brevity is good or bad. I see the point about folks liking short posts, but then again there are an equal number who hate sound-bite posts. And as I've always said (nagged & whined) the Internet has not diminished reading. Now I can point to this study as proof.

Even if shorter is better, I cannot help myself. Or rather, I do not feel the desire to edit myself to appeal to those with short attention spans.

#2 If you've been having problems with blogger's new login page, and boy have I, try this link instead: (This is true for both blogs hosted by blogger and those on your own servers.)


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