Monday, May 14, 2007

Clothing Number One In Retail Sales Online? Really?

Apparel sales moved into the top spot online, overtaking computers (but excluding travel) for the first time in 2006, according to a report from the National Retail Federation:
According to the first part of The State of Retailing Online 2007, the tenth annual study conducted by Forrester Research, Inc. (Nasdaq: FORR) of 170 retailers, Americans last year spent more online on clothing than they did on computers for the first time in history. The report found the apparel, accessories and footwear category reached $18.3 billion in 2006 and is expected to hit $22.1 billion in 2007. This year, 10 percent of all clothing sales are expected to occur online.
No mention of adult retail sales... You know, porn movies, sex toys... I doubt very much that lingerie, costumes and the like counted as apparel, or pornos counted as DVDs either. Maybe they are...

And then what? The sex toys are then mixed in with travel? I know my vibe takes me places, baby.

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Anonymous Amanda said...

For how much everyone whines about easy online porn, I'd like some retail numbers too. It's legal, it should be recognized just like anything else.

The last sales number I have for the entire legal adult industry ($12 billion) puts it below online shoe sales, but probably above computers.


May 15, 2007 6:53 AM  

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