Friday, May 18, 2007

The Spotlight

Since I'm not above admitting that I can be quite a Diva, even an Attention Whore, I'm happy to announce that this week The Whore's been featured at two excellent marketing blogs.

What makes this even more thrilling (more than just being acknowledged by some mainstream folks) is that I'm an avid reader of these blogs. So while I am going to boast of my bloggin' cred, I'm also going to point to examples of what makes these blogs so great.

First, I was this week's Pick of the Thicket over at Media Orchard (by Idea Grove, Scott Baradell & Wife, makers of Spin Thicket). I must say, I really dig their title for my link, Online communities are worthless unless you really drink the Kool-Aid, even if it makes Scott look more clever than I, damnit.

Must see posts there include For God's Sake, Do Not Try to Tell Us What a Blog Is and 10 Dumb Things That Smart Communicators Do, a guest blog post. (And, if you have make the time to listen to Scott at Dallas Marketing Zoo.)

Second ~ in order of date I was linked ~ was Geoff Livingston's Buzz Bin mention in Goodness Gracious, Great Blogs of Fire!. Note his polite and delicate handling of this blog's non-PG name. lol

I love Geoff's post, Get On Board: The Social Media Release, on that status of press releases. Geoff typically has good interviews, like this one with PR Squared's Todd Defren.

I must also admit that Geoff scooped me, hard. He has a great interview with Shel Israel of Naked Conversations. You know how much I wanted that. ...Maybe I can get Geoff to pimp for me?

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Anonymous Amanda said...

Congratulations on the professional recognition! That has to make you feel good.


May 18, 2007 7:13 AM  
Blogger Marketing Whore said...

It does :) Thanks!

May 18, 2007 12:07 PM  
Blogger Geoff_Livingston said...

Hey, now, no one's asked me to be their pimp before? But most people locally have taken to calling me Ari (a la Entourage). God help me, even my wife does it.

Thanks for the Very Flattering review. Keep blogging!

May 25, 2007 4:48 PM  

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