Friday, June 22, 2007

11 Ways You'll Know You're Getting Somewhere

Aside from watching the number of your site visitors climb higher, these are a few of the ways you can mark your blog's success and your own authority.

(Unnumbered because this isn't necessarily an 'in order' thing.)

* Folks linking to your for your content. Not just social bookmarks, but other bloggers writing about you and/or your posts. (Not all will be positive, but do take advantage of these opportunities and participate in the conversations!)

* Folks asking for link swaps. I'm referring to real people asking you, not spam or form letters, and to real blogs or sites, not directories. (Not to beat a dead horse, but please do evaluate them all.)

* Being nominated for awards. (Winning awards!)

* Being asked questions, for advice, or otherwise mentoring another.

* Companies asking about your ad rates. (Note: As a general rule, I recommend bloggers do not worry about having an advertising program or making a "click here for my advertising rates" to a advertising FAQ or email contact until and unless they've been asked directly by a potential advertiser or two.)

* Authors and companies asking for reviews. I'm speaking of real reviews here, where they send you the product and you use it and honestly review it.

* Quotes of your reviews used in other places to promote the product.

* Inquires or solicitations for paid posts or sponsored posts. (More, much more, on this later.)

* Being published at other sites or in other publications.

* Requests for you to preview products prior to release. (Your name and site printed on book jackets and product packaging!)

* Being interviewed or quoted in other publications or media.

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