Sunday, June 24, 2007

Living Off The Scraps In The Teeth Of Others

The symbiotic relationship between selling something to someone and making money off of that transaction is written-off as bad. The sales person profits from something 'done to' the customer, affiliates are parasites which feed off the wide toothy grins of unsuspecting blog readers, and marketers are the tapeworms feeding off the insides of rich corporate fat-cats.

But I'd like today's word to remind you that this is not necessarily so:
Symbiotic: An interrelationship between two different organisms in which the effects of that relationship are expressed as being harmful or beneficial; intimate associations in which organisms of more than one species live together.

The association may be beneficial to both (mutualism), beneficial to one with no effect on the other (commensalism) or beneficial to one with harmful effects on the other (parasitism).
It's up to you, as a buyer and as a seller, to decide what sort of symbiotic relationship you'll have.

The Whore works for mutualism.

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