Wednesday, June 20, 2007

No, Virginia, There Aren't Any Experts In A Digital World

In response to an anonymous post complaining about my affiliate program post, I wrote:
Trying to find the balance here, the way to provide incentives to bloggers and webmasters as one courts consumers, is hardly been established. Which is why I say, with all due respect, there really are no Internet experts in this sense. It's too new.
And I mean that.

Trying to find the balance between making money and providing incentives has always been a toughie. Companies complain it eats profits; salesmen (commissioned and salaried) complain they don't get paid what they are worth. Why would it be different for affiliates?

Trying to find the balance between making money and promoting has always been tricky. Complaints about ad and direct marketing campaigns ~ everything from high cost and low response rates ~ are centuries old. Why would promoting on the Net be exempt?

Do you really think this would change just because it's a digital world? Not when money/profits are still the goal and humans are still part of the equation.

To me, this is all rather good news; these problems are 'old news' and 'old hat.' So even if this new medium ~ the Internet ~ is still an infant (and growing at an alarming rate), we should be able to wrap our arms and minds around it all.

If we concentrate on what we do know, such as human behavior, human needs, and standard ethical marketing practices ~ or at least the theories behind them ~ we should be able to bring up baby and our profits.

We need not be Internet experts, but marketing experts, people experts, sales people, etc.

By my own declaration 'none of us may really be Internet experts,' therefore I myself cannot be an Internet Expert. With this admission I grant that you may opt to ignore all I have to say. But as a member of the world's oldest profession I'm rather confident in my ability to work here, on the Internet, too. People are people. If you think I may have something to say, stick around. The next few days are looking prolific.

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