Sunday, June 10, 2007

Silence Can Be Golden

As one who recommends regular blogging to their clients who use blogs, I feel I ought to make a comment regarding my own irregular blogging. It's not really a case of "do as I say, not as I do" *wink* I do have my (legitimate) reasons for pauses and silences here. And this isn't just a simple post in which I rationalize my silences to you (or even myself). I think this is actually something you should know about. (No, I'm not going to brag or whore; but I am going to share a philosophy I hope you'll consider.)

No matter how much I'd like to be here, babblin' on and on, my first priority is my own business (i.e. my own projects and my clients), and you, my very dear blog readers, are secondary. (No offense, but The Whore has a job to do and bills to pay, and so our little conversations are a luxury for me. I do hope you understand.)

Like many marketers, much of the work I do is behind the scenes. The science of targeting and the crafting of campaigns takes time and is rather unseen work, for the most part. I know some marketers (or those who like to make judgements) will say that if I was really doing my job, they'd know it. They say that if I was any good, my name would be appearing 'everywhere.'

But I disagree. Completely, utterly, disagree.

Unlike some marketers or consultants, I not only do not think the number of times my name appears is a sign of my doing my job but in fact find it a statement to the contrary.

My job is to market my products or my clients/clients' projects, not myself. Every time I see a press release with the name of the agency on it, even as a tiny last line, I am amazed at the audacity. Unless your agency is actually the one taking the calls for you (and then I wonder why on earth you'd have some one other than yourself talk to the media or consumers ~ how can anyone possibly know more about you, your company and products more than you?!), why is their name even on any release, advertisement or other information?

Yes, these third parties should be arranging conversations between you and your target market, and that may be started in the media via a release etc., but shouldn't they be more like a friend setting you up on a blind date? The agency or other professional should introduce you to the contact (via whatever means you've discussed) and then get out of the way, leaving you to talk. If my sister or friend says she has this great guy for me to meet and then actively participates in our first date ~ monopolizing the conversation, I'd be more than suspicious... She must want this guy for herself. Ditto on the marketing professional who must surely have an agenda of their own.

Worse than a third wheel, these types of agenda driven folks are more like a steering wheel. They try to (and often do) take control of where everything is going. And the destination is not about you, but rather about them. They want their name or business to prosper & shine; not yours. That's not what you are paying for, is it? Like ad companies who are more interested in winning a Cleo than you selling your inventory, consultants, agencies and marketers who stand in the middle of the conversation are more interested in their name and agenda than yours. So every time I see that third party mentioned, I cringe.

I figure my job is to sell what I've been hired to sell, and that rarely is me. So why should my name appear 'everywhere' when it's not about me?

In the case of third parties, silence may in fact be golden.

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