Monday, July 2, 2007

Digging Ditches, Killing Your Dinner With Your Bare Hands

This figure is a diagram of web developer's mind.

Note, it doesn't show 'boobs' anywhere. *wink*

While I joke, this is rather my point. Change a few words around, and this was once my brain ~ my brain on HTML as opposed to real code. Change a few words around, and this is my brain on marketing. Working with the adult web, in the adult industry, isn't very different from mainstream gigs.

Sure, I talk with porn stars; but we're either doing an interview (a feature which is promotion like any other celeb with a movie to plug) or she's now in the business office and we're discussing my invoice due for DVD sales.

Yeah, I review erotica, pornos, sex toys etc., but they require the same dedication, honesty and evaluation as any other product reviewed.

Yup, I put up smutty pictures and write with dirty words, but it's all the same skill sets that any other webmaster, marketer, author &/or journalist uses.

A friend was laughing the other day about how exotic my life sounds ~ over the phone it does to many, anyway. But a bill to be paid is a bill to be paid; and about as much fun. An ad, either written or placed, is work. Everything is work. It may be more entertaining for me (hence my selection of this field) than working with some other widget or industry, but folks who imagine that the porn stars, erotica authors, sex toy manufacturers, and retailers of all the goodies are all sitting around having pre-sex pillow fights, well, they're just wrong.

We do talk dirty now and then ~ but it's about the f-ing jerk whose promised payments never show up; the slutty gal who promised us an exclusive then gave that same 'exclusive' to 6 other publications; bloggers & webmasters who never recip with links as promised (or pull them later); reviewers who never get around to actually publishing the reviews; servers which go 'thud'; writers, editors and others who go MIA in the middle of the night (some stealing funds with them as they slink silent into that night); deadlines which seem impossible in light of work load; and any number of other unethical or stressful business practices ~ not the number of orgasms we had last night.

It's work. It's a job. If you're self-employed or with a start-up, it's not even guaranteed or scheduled pay.

It's better than digging ditches or having to kill your dinner with your bare hands; but it's work.

To those who keep asking about the 'fast-track' to easy money with the adult industry, especially on the Internet, I beg of Thee, please read the archives here. Yes, and follow (and read) the links. And then read at other sites. If you're still under the impression that this business is all boobs, glamour and easy money, then I'm going to have to assume that you currently not only dig ditches for a living, but must kill your dinner with your bare hands.

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