Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Non-Adult Affiliate & Ad Friends

Adult webmasters and bloggers, don't overlook mainstream revenues. Even if they often overlook you *wink*

Here's a very brief list of mainstream programs which you can make money with:

#1 Amazon. Amazon apparently gets it. They realize that if folks are at your site, they've already decided for themselves they like adult content and that your linking to them means money. Amazon carries sex toys, sex history books, erotica, lingerie, adult films and often, with their third party sellers, hard to find items.

#2 Barnes & Noble, though carrying much less than Amazon, does seem to be OK with adult affiliates.

#3 ShopZilla apparently is OK with erotica and sex talk ~ it's uncertain just how far they'll go. They have lingerie, adult toys, personal care etc.

#4 EBay. Can completely suck, but if your site is more risque than really adult, it's a very fine program. Sex-Kitten was pulled due to it's explicit nature (video clips & photos in reviews), however sites which focus on pinups, art, (at least some) written erotica, and tease in general can do quite well. (And I'd avoid BDSM themes too.)

Other possibilities:

Some lingerie shoppes are open to adult content. You'll have to read their TOS because for everyone who allows adult sites to be affiliates, another one (or two) won't.

Ditto poster &/or art print sites.

Some drinking supply (bar ware) &/or alcohol merchants also 'allow' mature content, as do many gambling sites and smoking shops.

As always, think of what your niche/readers/members are likely to be interested in, then do your research.

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Anonymous Amanda said...

I've recently discovered ebanned.net. Not mainstream but if you want auctions...

I assume they have an affiliate program. I could be wrong.


August 1, 2007 7:56 AM  

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