Monday, July 2, 2007

Why Does My Biz Blog Suck?

Bacchus of Eros Blog writes Marketing Blogs That Don't Suck (site has lots of NWS stuff, but the piece is 'clean'), a list of tips for success with commercial or corporate blogs.

Here are two snippets to seduce you into reading more.

Why they suck:
Second, linking to marketing blogs is hard, because marketing blogs tend to suck. They suck for various reasons, often recombined uncreatively in newly horrifying ways. For example, they can suck because the authors usually are, first and foremost, marketers who haven't yet gotten on the Clue Train. If the marketing blog is a one-way broadcast, talking to the "customers" instead of talking with the readers, it will suck. More to the point, it will be boring, and nobody will link to it or read it.
What you can do:
2) Buy blog links. If a blogger has an advertising offer, try it out. Don't track this traffic for sales or conversions, that's not why you're buying it. Just measure the percentage of the traffic that bookmarks your blog. If the percentage is low, improve your blog. If it doesn't go up, buy better traffic. As they say on Making Light, iterate.
What Bacchus writes is ideal for porn & sex toy makers, as well as retailers of the same; but most of these can apply to any blog. (And I'd have to say, personally, that most often the most offensive of these sorts of blogs are those by erotica authors and publishers themselves.)

If your blog isn't doing what you dreamed... If you don't want to look like a splog (spam + blog)... If you're just wondering what else you should and shouldn't do... Read, kiddos, read.

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