Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Still Right After All These Years: Content Is King

Nearly half of Internet users' time online is now spent with content, emarket report says:
Internet users now spend nearly half of their online time visiting content, according to the Online Publishers Association's "Internet Activity Index," conducted by Nielsen//NetRatings.

Time spent with content is up 37% over 2003 levels, the OPA claimed. The Index measures time spent with e-commerce, communications, content and search.

"The index indicates that, over the past four years, the primary role of the Internet has shifted from communications to content," OPA president Pam Horan said in a statement. "[The Internet now handles] traditionally offline activities, such as getting news, finding entertainment information or checking the weather."

Which means that content isn't only king, but vital.

The article continues to say:
The association also noted that search is better than before. This lets consumers find what they are looking for more quickly. That reduces time spent on search and increases the amount of time devoted to other activities.

So although the number of searches overall has boomed, the percentage of time spent on searching is still minimal.

If content is consuming so much of Internet users' time, where does that leave search? For those marketing a retail e-commerce site, search still matters.

The American Marketing Association's "Mplanet" survey ranked the online resource consumers were most likely to use first for product information during last year's holiday season in different retail categories. Search engines (43%) and direct visits to company Web sites (29%) were the sources consumers turned to first for product information, regardless of product category.

Newer types of consumer-generated content, such as online social networks, blogs and chat rooms, were less important as a primary source for finding product information.

While I daresay that search function has improved, I still maintain that unique and decent content is the best way to be found in search results.

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Anonymous Amanda said...

I agree because when I search, I'm looking for specific info and I skim the results hoping to find the most relevant text excerpts. Then I click to those sites and spend time reading and reading.

Maybe I'm a slightly more sophisticated user, but being aware of my own search habits is certainly changing the way I'm viewing my sites.


August 16, 2007 6:58 AM  

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