Saturday, August 25, 2007

These Carnivals Are Made For Workin'

The post title sounds so much better when you are listening to Nancy Sinatra, as I am ~ but the information in these carnivals is good stuff no matter what plays in the background.

I'm listed in each of these carnivals but I'm not just sucking-up by posting links to them; there's really good reading & learning to be found in them.

As the carnival names say, these carnivals are made for bloggers:

! a make money blogging carnival. (The carnival host, SuccessPart2, is where I also found his:What Would You Do With $200? a contest where you could win $200.)

Carnival of Blogging Success (Eve of HomeBizBlogger is the host, and reading through her blog I found BlogBeat which is worthy of a mention too.)

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