Thursday, August 9, 2007

Want Fries To Go With That Shake?

James Hibberd says Porn Descriptions Challenge Copywriters:
Somewhere there is a copywriter who had to create a description for "Brazilian Butt Fetish" in 10 words or less without offending anybody. This unique occupational challenge stems from two relatively new events: Cable and satellite providers quietly adding harder-edged porn channels to their lineups, and the advent of detailed on-screen interactive program listing guides.
Fleshbot picks up the baton and asks, "What Would Fleshbot Readers Do?" (NWS link) and presents a challenge:
Given the title and premise, can you describe a XXX film in ten words or less without profanity? We'll even make it easy for you and choose our one of favorite porn epics of last year ever: "Dirt Pipe Milkshakes 2." We know the title sells itself, but think of the late night fapper who needs a little more convincing. Best entry wins the respect and adoration of tens of your fellow commenters.
Go on, give it a go *wink*

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