Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Erotica Authors, Take Note

From M.Christian's Confessions of a Literary Streetwalker: Risks:
I could go on, but I think I've given you enough to chew on. I believe that writing about sex is something that no one should be ashamed of, but I also think that we all need to recognize and accept that there are many out there who do not share those feelings. Write what you want, say what you believe, but do it with your eyes open. Understand the risks, accept the risks and be smart about what you do -- so you can keep working and growing as a writer for many years to come.
I could comment ~ should comment, perhaps. But really, what can I possibly add that he or I haven't already said?

The above may be preaching to the choir, but we all need a "Hallelujah" now and then.

There's more in Christian's series, so go check it out.

Also worth noting, if you're a smut writer or publisher, Erotica Revealed reviews erotic books.

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