Wednesday, September 12, 2007


You know, it's good now and then to exercise my other identity, the one who is 'mainstream' and can be seen. Some days I think this other side of me doesn't get out enough.

This other me I call Mainstream Me. She is not, as some would say, the 'real me' just because she is easier for others to accept. On the contrary, I find her to be less than the Real Me. Real Me is what (too) many call Adult Me. Adult Me is Real Me because Adult Me accepts Mainstream Me.

I'm integrated, evolved; understanding and accepting that I am a sexual being and that the world at large is comprised of other sexual beings.

Would that the whole world was this way... But I digress.

When I walk about as Mainstream Me I see things from a different perspective. Or maybe it is that being seen from another perspective I react differently. Certainly I am treated differently.

In college we had this Into to Communications prof who made us each sit in a different spot each class. His excuse was that even a small change in visual perception changed our own perceptions greatly. And since part of our shifting seating included who we were sitting near, it also affected our behaviors. No longer were we in our comfort zones ~ not necessarily put into discomfort zones, but we had to shift.

Today was such a day.

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Blogger The English Courtesan said...

A brilliant post, oh fit, filthy and fabulous Marketing Whore! This is a really interesting topic, and like you I find English Courtesan me is very different to Livvy me, with very different perspectives. My adult side is a lot more accepting and laid back (ahem!) and like you I feel that's actually the real me...

Livvy xxx

October 7, 2007 6:55 AM  

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