Wednesday, September 19, 2007

WAHM Adult Marketing

Back when I started on the Internet pitching adult work to WAHMs and/or other stay-at-home-mom sites was verboten. Now it seems de riguer.

How to Become a Sex Industry Professional Whether You're a Woman or a Man: A New Option for Today's WAHM

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Even the moms themselves are more accepting ~ and this is from 2004. Note the few 'Christians' who place judgment even while saying that's for God. :snort: Their minds will never change, but it's nice to see so many accepting the validity of the choice to enter into the field, be it PSO work or home lingerie party plans.

Here's another forum with leads (though you'll have to get the domain names from the email addresses listed ~ I don't know why they just didn't link to them).

What this means is that the place for marketing has widened some. I don't recommend blasting your name/product all over such communities, but a graceful toe in the door can be accepted. And that's just a step away from getting inside ~ and heaven knows what wonders you can work there.

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Anonymous Amanda said...

I read the "How to Become..." article. It was very amusing, dispensing such as advice as "you need to be willing to hide your profession from the people in your life that might not understand" and "it is still a real job and you will need to treat it as such." Really? Imagine -- a "morally wrong" job that still requires a little bit of business savvy.

Sorry, getting on my soapbox. I just found the article highly ironic, considering what these stay-at-home moms would do if they really knew what their husbands were up to.


September 20, 2007 9:12 AM  

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