Saturday, March 22, 2008

For The Love Of Gawd, Don't Be An Adult Marketer

I don't know why I do this to myself, but occasionally I look in at message boards/forums where folks ask questions, hoping pros will appear and help them make money with their businesses.

Right now I'm not too clear on why I do it... It's not like I've ever read anything from a pro there that seemed anything other than superficial. And what's worse (and likely the reason why no serious advice exists), are the pleas for if not 'get rich quick' then 'sit on my ass lazy' by people who really have no idea what they are doing.

Like this 'dude' over in the BlackHatWorld forum ~ who, though he has a username I will now call "BlackAssHat", and who I will now, mercilessly, pick-apart.
I'm addicted to the "xxx" or "adult" marketing niche, for two reasons. Just about everyone loves it and it's something I can enjoy marketing.
The second part, about enjoying what you do, is fine; even if the term "addicted" suggests, at least to The Marketing Whore, a personal issue lurking about...

But who in this day and age (and this country ~ which according to his user profile he is from) thinks "everyone" loves it?

He has an Internet connection; he's posting. So how on earth can he be oblivious to the current attitudes, filled with hate and censorship, which prevail here?
I'm no guru or rich from it yet, but just a few ideas of mine and I'd like to hear yours too.
Should really read, "I'm no guru and I won't get rich from it because of the following."
Idea #1: It's been said in other posts about exploiting youtube, but I have had quite some trouble with accounts/videos being deleted quite quickly.
The basic concept of the method is to find a hot video, download it, watermark it, and re-upload it giving proper tags and a nice attracting label. Well, what if instead of directly marketing in the video, you market in the user channel instead? Would this help crack down on the video removals at all?
Market in the user channel? Are you serious? YouTube doesn't want adult content there, so why on earth do you think the membership will welcome your, "Psst, look under my raincoat" message?

You clearly know nothing of target marketing, or even have the decency to respect the rules of the house (YouTube) which you are visiting.

Sure, there's overlap; some users at YouTube enjoy porn. I myself have an account there. But it's also the kind of site where mom has the membership and her kids use it. Can you do the math on that BlackAssHat?
Idea #2: I think Social networks can be wildfire if used correctly.
A list of a bunch of social networking sites
Making fake profiles and gathering up a huge quantity of friends and marketing through bulletins rather than on the front page. I've never actually massed profiles before on social network sites or messed much with them though, can't say how well they work or not.

Make fake profiles: Hours of time.
"Gathering up a huge quantity of friends": Double the hours of time.
Market to random people you don't know: Triple the hours of time.
Getting kicked out for spamming? Priceless.

Even if he doesn't get kicked out, he'll be ignored/deleted at best; dropped from his "huge quantity of friends" asap. Nice use of your time, BlackAssHat.

Oh, he's never actually done it... So I guess we should excuse him then, huh.

I'm about as ready to excuse his stupidity as I am to let him apply this "stellar reasoning" to the flying machine he's built, strapped onto his back, and let him jump off my roof; either way I have a frickin' bloody mess to clean up.

I really, really, Really don't need another jerk doing these things in the name of "marketing" or, worse yet, "adult marketing."
Idea #3: Google Groups. Directly linking to the program or your website. You'd have to use several accounts though, it will only let you post so many times per account per day.
Have you noticed yet that his "three ideas" are really the same stupid one with different names or locations?

I hope you did.

Or I may have to call you "BlackAssHat" too.
Just looking for some ideas/thoughts on how to market the adult niche. I can't use PPC traffic because I have no spending money, hopefully soon I can get a domain to refer traffic to rather than a tinyurl or blog.
Umm, you don't have $8 for a domain and you don't think a blog has any power or purpose?

Jeesh, BlackAssHat, are you certain you are able to work on the Internet in any capacity?
Anyone else have thoughts or ideas on how to get traffic to an adult affiliate program?
Ooh-ooh! Pick me BlackAssHat, pick me! I have an idea!

Offer a real website, with real content that real people want to see, read, visit.

Stop thinking like a con artist. Stop looking for ways to swindle.

And stop thinking of yourself as a marketing or sales professional; get some education first.

We have enough trouble without people like you.

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Blogger Matty said...

It scares me that people truly think of stuff like this. Your right about the 8 bucks and 8 bucks for privacy protection as well and hosting, start up for a site is cheap and beginning traffic is easy to get in good clean ways.... Idiots making our industry look bad!

Kudos LOVE the blog and will be subscribing to it!

April 2, 2008 10:41 PM  
Blogger dewi404 said...

Lots of issues regarding about pros marketing all over.Especially in under developed country.Its like purely selling the flesh.Many of them really enjoy it.
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November 1, 2008 4:15 AM  
Blogger blewit69 said...

So the marketing whore is actually a prude? :)

January 5, 2009 3:42 PM  

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