Saturday, October 4, 2008

Adults Embracing & Embedding Facebook In Wordpress Blogs

The fabulous & much adored by The Marketing Whore Callie Simms has posted The Best Facebook & Wordpress Plugins for Adult Bloggers; a useful list if you are, indeed, stuck with Wordpress.

Why do I say "stuck" with Wordpress? Well, as seen in Callie's article, nearly everything with WP requires a freakin' plugin.

Yeah, I've defended Blogger & other platforms before against the Wordpress fans who believe the WP stands for "worship" ~ so why bother to do it again? Because I use WP at one of my mainstream gigs and I hate, hate, Hate it.

When it comes to hosting, WP is a hog. It requires SQL & PHP be installed on the server and as it uses a live database, is far more intense, requiring far more effort on the part of the server. This also means more stuff to go wrong. And then there's those plugin requirements for every little thing... :sigh:

So, when Callie says, "More and more adult bloggers & business owners are moving to Wordpress for their blogging platform because of simplicity it provides as a content management system," I have two questions:

1) Says who? Who says more and more adult bloggers & business owners are moving to Wordpress?

B) Who says it is a simpler platform &/or content management system?

If you are using WP, and want to do the Facebook thing, Callie's article is, as I said, useful. But if you aren't using WP you can simply use RSS to create/take dynamic content from virtually any social networking site (or use the tools/widgets most provide), as well as use RSS to place your content from elsewhere into your social network profile/pages; WP has no corner on that market.

Of course, all the general rules regarding being a polite adult content person within mainstream social networks still apply. And I'm still not a fan of the Facebook.

But you can hear more about that when Callie & I face-off on Facebook and other things this Wednesday on Cult of Gracie Radio.

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Blogger Amber Rhea said...

I can't believe you're defending Blogger over WordPress. It's like I don't even know you.

October 5, 2008 7:50 AM  
Blogger Marketing Whore said...


But honestly, very time I login to WP I nearly cry ~ if not for "me, right now," then for the crappy problems I've had to help others with.

I really don't care if others use it & love it; just wish they'd stop acting like it's god of blogging platforms.

Really, it comes down to personal choice, and I'm always pro-choice ;)

October 5, 2008 2:26 PM  
Anonymous Callie Simms said...

Gracie, you are a formidable foe!

Okay #1 - The majority of adult related bloggers, whether its sex toys, sex work or just writers use wordpress I have found according to adult forums and blogging statistics.

Wordpress does require plugins depending on what you do with it. Most newbies find it the easiest way to achieve what they want. It's is more complex but as a CMS, rivals only more advanced application. Most people want something to look pretty and to index well in enginges, you get that with wordpress. As you get more versed in what in CSS/HTML/Java/ you don't rely on them as much and you can write what you need. Blogger has many limitations. One being expandability, SEO integration, etc. But I think that is what we are talking about tonight. It's going to be good!

October 8, 2008 12:46 PM  

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