Friday, March 30, 2007

Stop Cyberbulling Day

Today is Stop Cyberbullying Day.

Prompted, I'm sure by Kathy Sierra's problems, which is the topic of a huge percentage of blog posts this week and has been listed in the top three searches at Technorati all week.

Along with stopping any bad behaviors you have yourself, this is a good day to spend some time thinking about the issues, your rights and role. Cyberbullying isn't just the problem of The Attacked and The Attackers but has implications for bloggers and others in the community, such as linking behaviors etc.

You know that I'll suggest treating your blog, forums etc as police states, but there is more to consider. Nordette Adams has covered many aspects of the issue regarding Sierra's situation, including the fall-out. It's in Adams' blog post at Confessions of a Jersey Goddess that you'll see most of the issues you need to consider.

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